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Digital Media

The Breakdown

What do you get when you marry science and technology with art and visual storytelling? The answer, of course, is digital media (hey, everyone appreciates a softball question now and again). A fairly new academic discipline, digital media is a great major for the student aesthete who is fascinated by how we use technology to communicate.

The best digital media programs take an interdisciplinary approach, combining communication theory and principles of art and design with technology and programming. As a student, you’ll gain a broad understanding of computers and digital technology, learning software applications and programming languages. You’ll study web development, networking, FX and modeling along with 3D animation and visualization. Moreover, you will learn how to look at technology with an artist’s eye and apply design aesthetics to the digital world to create both entertainment and educational tools. Lastly, you will likely examine the social and historical implications of media and analyze its effect on modern culture.

Students who choose to major in digital media will find an immensely exciting and rewarding field. It’s a world that’s continually evolving and pushing new boundaries and a world perfect for creative problem solvers with a keen analytical mind.

Nuts and Bolts

Undergrads who decide to study digital media will find themselves immersed in courses like History of Western Art, 3D Design, Digital Animation, Multimedia Authoring, Writing for Video Games, Identity and the Internet, Popular Culture and Mass Media and Interactive Imagery.

Decisions, Decisions

So, digital media has piqued your curiosity but you want to research other options (just to be thorough of course)? Students interested in this subject might also enjoy computer science, web design, computer engineering, advertising, graphic design, art, film/television, marketing, animation, information technology and communications.

What's Next

Good news: digital media is one of the fastest growing markets around. Importantly, the degree offers students flexibility, an advantage in any economy. Indeed, from advertising, publishing and film to the government, museums and public institutions, graduates can find jobs within a number of industries. Some acquire positions as web page designers, package designers, sound editors, animators or game developers. Others work as programmers, software developers, video editors, special effects artists or computer illustrators. Grad can also find work doing architectural rendering and scientific visualization.


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