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Restaurant Management Studies

The Breakdown

Who among us doesn’t enjoy going out to eat?  We dine out to celebrate and to commiserate, to catch up and to get to know each other.  Restaurants provide a nice break from routine and from doing the dishes.  If you have a deep appreciation for fine food and love helping to foster a good time, restaurant management studies might be the track for you!  

As a restaurant management studies major, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the food service business.  Your coursework will combine a business and culinary prep curriculum.  You will study everything from accounting and how to analyze industry trends to proper sanitation and food storage practices.  Additionally, some schools and programs have you choose a concentration within your overall course of study.  Possibilities might include food and beverage management, sommelier and on-site food service management.  Lastly, it’s also quite common for schools to require their majors to complete an internship.  

Restaurant management is not for the indolent or faint of heart.  Indeed, if you decide to pursue this major, you’ll quickly realize it takes a strong work ethic and lots of energy to survive and thrive.  You’ll also need supreme organizational and leadership skills.  Of course, the most crucial element for success is fantastic communication.  After all, you’ll be interacting with people constantly and often called upon to put out fires (both figurative and, perhaps, literal). 

Nuts and Bolts

As a restaurant management studies major, you’ll cover all aspects of the industry with classes such as: Food and Beverage Management, Supervision and Labor Management, Nutrition, Sanitation and Food Safety, Food Selection and Preparation Principles, Hospitality Accounting, Cost Control in Hospitality and Food Service Systems, Banquet and Catering Operations, Public Relations and Baking and Pastry.

Decisions, Decisions

Restaurant management studies students enjoy the intersection between food, business and public interaction.  Therefore, they also might consider studying nutrition, food science, business, hotel management, marketing, culinary arts, hospitality management and administration, accounting, and recreation and tourism management.

What's Next

Not surprisingly, many restaurant management majors set their sights on the food service and hospitality industries.  Indeed, recent grads can be found working in catering and banquet management, food and beverage coordination and food service operations.  It’s common for majors to also find a job as an assistant manager of an establishment (eventually working their way up to manager).  Others might ultimately aim to work in the kitchen, landing gigs as line cooks or sous chefs.  And, of course, a handful of grads look to open their own restaurant.  Finally, some choose to continue on with their studies in the hopes of becoming a dietician or nutritionist.  Wherever you end up, we’re certain you’ll find yourself feeling professionally nourished (sorry–we couldn’t resist)!



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