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Golf Course Management and Design

The Breakdown

Do you go to bed dreaming of Jack Nicklaus? Do you scream putting tips at the television while watching the Masters tournament? Is your preferred mode of transportation a golf cart? If you immediately answered with an emboldened “You bet!” then you are probably a prime candidate for the golf course management and design major.

If you choose this major as an undergrad, you’ll likely have a business-based curriculum couched in the particulars of golf course management. Indeed, you will learn all about operations, marketing and business development as it pertains to golf. And you’ll cover such industry-related topics as tournament operations, golf club design and repair and golf cart fleet management. One note - students specifically interested in golf course design will likely have to earn a degree in landscape architecture. You can then apply the skills you acquire directly to the design of golf courses.

Further, if you are seriously contemplating this major, you should be aware that The PGA of America sponsors an accredited PGA Golf Management University Program. Offered by roughly 20 schools, this unique program (which typically takes 4.5 – 5 years to complete) thoroughly prepares you for a career within the golf industry. Moreover, upon graduation you will become a PGA member with 100% job placement. Sounds like a pretty great deal to us!

If you’re wary of committing to a 4-5 year program, fret not. It’s also possible to earn an associate’s degree in golf management. Similar to a bachelor’s degree, you will take business classes with specific applications to the industry. And you’re likely to combine classroom studies with practical experience.

Golf course management and design is certainly a people-oriented industry. Therefore, you will find it’s important to be a great communicator who possesses social savvy. Additionally, strong leadership and mediation skills will also prove useful. And, of course, you should be able to yell “fore” with some dramatic flair.

Nuts and Bolts

As a golf course management and design major, your course schedule will likely feature classes such as: Facility Operations, Turfgrass Management, Food and Beverage Management, Merchandising and Inventory Management, Advanced Teaching and Golf Club Fitting, Golf Facility Human Resources and Golf Facility Cases and Problems.

Decisions, Decisions

Golf course management and design students are also likely to have overlapping interests with sports management, business, physical education, landscape architecture, sports psychology, botany, hospitality, accounting, marketing, exercise science, athletic training, and sports and leisure studies.

What's Next

Undergrads who study golf course management and design will find themselves poised to join a growing and vibrant industry. Recent grads will likely be able to land employment opportunities with public, private or resort courses. Possible job titles include golf clinician, tournament director, golf equipment specialist and golf retail manager. Of course, some graduates ultimately decide to step out from within the confines of the golf world and pursue opportunities in sports management, sports journalism as well as the broader business world.


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