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Animal Science

The Breakdown

An undergraduate program in animal science is typically a fairly broad, general program focusing on the scientific principles that underlie the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals, and the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural animal products.

Nuts and Bolts

Animal science programs cover instruction in the animal sciences, animal husbandry and production, and agricultural and food products processing. A typical curriculum includes courses such as:

•    Animal Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology
•    Animal Reproductive Physiology
•    Genetics
•    Livestock Techniques

Decisions, Decisions

Depending on your particular area of interest within animal science, you may also want to consider pre-veterinary studies, biology, marine biology, agriculture, equestrian/equine studies, equine science, fisheries management and animal husbandry.

What's Next

Many students pursue graduate study in disciplines such as veterinary medicine, animal physiology, nutrition or genetics. Employment opportunities exist within government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, farms/ranches, kennels, and agricultural business entities. Possible job titles include Research Technician, Farm/Ranch Manager, Kennel Manager, Marketing Specialist and Animal Technician.


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