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The Breakdown

Agribusiness, also referred to as agricultural business, deals with the intersection of agricultural sciences, economics and business management. If you choose to major in agribusiness, you’ll develop the skills to manage agricultural business and agriculturally-related operations within diversified corporations, basically what it takes to get food from the farm to the table or fiber from the field to a finished product.

You’ll need to learn business and economic principles and how to apply them to the production and marketing of agricultural products. You’ll learn to manage natural resources. Concentrations are often possible in areas such as agricultural economics, agricultural marketing, farm/ranch management, agricultural finance, environmental economics, crop/animal production and international agricultural trade.  You’ll also need to study areas such as accounting, statistics, government and finance.

Nuts and Bolts

Agribusiness majors take courses such as:

•    Agricultural Economics
•    Agricultural Marketing
•    Food, Environment and Culture
•    Agricultural Finance and Business Management
•    Industry Practice
•    Soil Science
•    Agribusiness Systems
•    Agricultural Business Risk and Investment
•    Crop Agronomy
•    Livestock Production Systems
•    Human Resource Management
•    Commodity Pricing

Decisions, Decisions

Depending on your particular career bent, you may also want to consider studying fields such as farm/ranch management, sustainability, environmental science, plant/soil science, agricultural economics, natural resources economics, political science, biology, food science or animal science.

What's Next

Most agribusiness majors enter careers in farm/ranch management or take on business role in large agricultural businesses. Others enter careers in rural development, commodities trading, banking and real estate. Still others may pursue careers in government or private organizations focusing on policy formation, international agriculture and natural resource economics.


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