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Listen – Mother's Day is fast approaching. Between school work and what we assume is a packed social calendar, it's quite possible this special day slipped your mind. Fortunately, we have your back. While we're not going to order flowers on your behalf, we are going to present you with a list of items and actions that will likely make your mom happy. If you want to save some cash, think about checking a few of these off in lieu of purchasing a gift:

Compile a reading list for the summer.
We understand that, at least for some of you, reading might not be your favorite pastime. However, outside of school, it can often be a pleasurable experience (seriously). More importantly, reading will keep your brain active during these sedentary summer months. And it will likely introduce you to new vocabulary words, which is advantageous for those college admissions tests. Plus, your mother will be impressed with the new, erudite you!

Challenge yourself academically.
As this school year comes to a close and you look towards the next, think about registering for an honors or advanced placement course or two. Admissions officers like to see applicants who push themselves. And doesn't your mother always tell you that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to? Research places to volunteer. If you’re still trying to figure out your summer plans, give some thought to volunteering. It's a great way to gain some professional experience, explore an industry or cause and give back to your community. Further, this allows your mother to brag about what a saint her son/daughter is.

Assemble an itinerary for visiting some college campuses.
As we've already pointed out, summer is just around the corner and with it comes a great opportunity to step up your college search. Try and organize some mini road trips to a few schools in which you might be interested. This will help solidify what you're looking for in a college and, conversely, perhaps highlight what you don't want. You can bill these trips as a family bonding experience as well. It's also guaranteed that your mother will be amazed with how proactive you've become.

Create a list of dorm room necessities.
To the seniors reading this - we know you're already on a roll from compiling a reading list so we thought you'd like to compose a follow up. After all, it will take some forethought and planning to prepare for your impending move. Give your mother some peace of mind by thinking about what you'll need to kick off your collegiate career.

Finally, do the dishes.
We realize this doesn't necessarily further your potential or help shape your future. However, it's always nice to do something that's a little less self-serving and a bit more altruistic. And your mother will be very appreciative. We hope these tips ease the panic of last minute gift shopping. Moreover, we hope you give some thought to our suggestions. Indeed, they are likely to leave you in good standing with your mother and in a good position for your upcoming academic year.

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