Andrew Flagel

Andrew Flagel is Senior Vice President of Students & Enrollment at Brandeis University, which he humbly describes as, “The greatest institution in the history of mankind.”

Dean Flagel has been in college admissions for more than 20 years, but he’s cranky enough for twice that long. He has this nasty habit of ranting about whatever has annoyed him the most, which, periodically, can be reasonably entertaining.

More importantly, he tells the truth -- not the way to beat the system, or the secret to the universe, or even the reason why Justin Bieber is so popular -- just the truth, particularly about how the college admissions process really works.

If you’re looking for dry, boring explanations on how the process is entirely fair, filled with tons of statistics and detailed charts, you are SO in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you have a reasonably high tolerance for sarcasm, give it a read. And please feel free to let him know when you think he’s just plain wrong – the rest of us just LOVE that.

Andrew Flagel's Video Cast

Proofreading Your Applications
Date: Jan/01/2011
Time: 12:15:47
Strategy for Letters of Recommendation
Date: 12/30/2010
Time: 05:02:47
8 Minutes of Fame
Date: 12/30/2010
Time: 04:51:58
Flagel and Triay Speak With Students
Date: 12/29/2010
Time: 04:14:12


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