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College Tours: Questions to Ask

As you’re well aware, visiting college campuses is a fabulous way to get a sense of a particular school. After all, you get to interact with and observe current students, catch a glimpse of the amenities available and gauge the overall vibe. Moreover, a campus visit allows you to directly glean information. Make sure you use this opportunity to your advantage! Be proactive and inquire about topics that are important to you!

In case you’re unsure of where to begin, here are some questions that you should consider asking while on campus:


  • How many classes are taught by TAs versus professors?
  • Do classes tend to skew more lecture-based or discussion-based?
  • How difficult is to get into the classes you need?
  • How difficult is it to get into the electives that interest you?
  • How large is the average class (ask for both lower and upper level courses)?
  • How easy/difficult is it to change your major?
  • Can you create your own major?
  • What is the advising system like?
  • What percentage of students study abroad? Does anyone have the opportunity to go?
  • Does the school have an honors college?
  • Does the school require a senior thesis or culminating project?
  • Does the school offer any service learning components?
  • How often do students get to participate in undergraduate research?
  • What are the acceptance rates of students applying to graduate/PhD/professional programs?

Financial Aid

  • What percentage of students receive some type of aid?
  • What work-study opportunities exist?
  • Is it easy to get a job on or around campus?
  • What is your average aid package? 
  • What is the average merit award?
  • How much debt does the average student graduate with?
  • What is the breakdown of loans versus grants?
  • What percentage of students receive grants?
  • How accessible is the financial aid office?
  • What percentage of need does the school typically meet?
  • If your financial situation changes, how easy/quickly can a student tap into aid?

Student Life

  • Do most students stick around campus on the weekend? Or do they go home/to other places?
  • What kinds of clubs exist on campus (obviously be sure to ask about the specific activities in which you’re interested)?
  • Is it relatively easy to start your own club?
  • How popular is Greek life?
  • Is there a big sports culture?
  • Is there a thriving arts scene?
  • Are there support services for minority students (if applicable)?
  • Are students allowed to have cars on campus (even freshmen)?
  • How available is parking?
  • Does the school provide any on or off campus transportation?


  • How many dining halls are on campus? 
  • Do dining halls differ in quality? Do they have different menus? 
  • Can you eat in any dining hall on campus?
  • How conveniently located are the dining halls?
  • How do dining halls deal with dietary restrictions? 
  • How late are the dining halls open?
  • Do you have to be on a meal plan?


  • What percentage of students live on campus?
  • Can anyone live off-campus?
  • Do freshmen mostly live together?
  • Do dorms frequently mix lower and upper-classmen?
  • Is there a lot of theme housing offered?
  • Is it possible to get a single room as a freshman?
  • How does the school deal with difficult roommate situations?
  • Does the school have mostly dorms? Houses? Apartment style housing? A combination?
  • If a student is unhappy with his/her housing situation, how easy/difficult is it to move once the semester has begun? 

Career Services

  • What kinds of workshops does Career Services offer (e.g. resume workshops, interview workshops, etc.)?
  • How actively do companies recruit on-campus?
  • Is it common for students to land internships?
  • What percentage of students have job offers at graduation? Within 6 months of graduation? One year after graduation?
  • Which majors have the easiest time on the job market? 
  • How active/accessible is the alumni network? Does Career Services help connect current students with alums?
Remember, your college visit is the best opportunity to learn about a school. Don’t be shy; ask away! And have a great time on all of your campus tours!


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