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College-bound students weigh many factors when narrowing down their lists.  Size, cost, location, academic programs – these are all facets that people automatically and eagerly consider.  However, there is one aspect that many students ignore or push aside: gender.

Not altogether unsurprising, many young women are quick to dismiss the idea of attending an all-women’s college.  Without even stopping to consider the possibility, it’s common to assume the experience isn’t for them.  Nevertheless, there are a number of advantages for attending an all-female institution.

The Pedagogy

From curriculum decisions and teaching techniques to various student initiatives, every action taken and policy implemented is designed with the education and advancement of women in mind.  Ultimately, this leads to a higher degree of confidence and engagement in/from students.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities abound at all-female institutions.  Indeed, female students take on all important roles, from managing clubs and activities to leading the entire student body.  Further, studies have shown that women attending a single sex college tend to not hold back during class discussions and are quick to take charge during laboratory experiments (among other classroom exercises). 

Great Mentorship

Historically, women’s colleges have a record of providing their students with great guidance and mentors.  Classes tend to be smaller at women’s colleges and professor interaction is often a staple of the classroom experience.  Additionally, all research and fellowship opportunities are geared towards women.   

Graduate School Bound

Statistically, women who attend all female-institutions are more likely to continue on to graduate and professional schools (esp. those in the science and math fields).  They are also more apt to reach a higher income bracket.  This is because graduates from all-women’s colleges are far likelier to enter what are perceived as male professions such as engineering and finance. 

No Stereotypes

When you attend a women’s college, you don’t need to worry about stereotypes or being placed in a box.  Certainly (and perhaps obviously), all-female institutions trumpet their students and genuinely believe they can tackle whatever they set their mind to.    

Outstanding Role Models

While women’s colleges definitely have men on their faculty and within their administrations, it’s common to retain a high number of females on staff.  Seeing successful women in power often encourages and inspires achievement in female undergraduates. 

At first glance, you might be inclined to push aside a women’s college for other, co-educational schools.  Nevertheless, it might behoove you to reconsider.  Many women who attend all-female institutions champion their single-sex education.  They find it refreshing, empowering and assert that it allowed them to discover and develop their voice.  And yes, nearly all of them managed to have a healthy social life as well!   



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