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There’s no denying that the primary objective behind landing a job is to make money.  After all, it’s highly unlikely most people would show up to the office without the promise of monetary compensation.  And though it shouldn’t be the only aspect you consider when choosing a career, it is nonetheless a critical factor.  But do you actually have an idea of what certain jobs/industries will net you?  Here’s a list of the average salaries for a variety of careers.

Please note: these figure are taken from a 2014 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (an arm of the United States Department of Labor). 
Job Average Salary
Accountants and Auditors $73,670
Actors, Producers and Directors $85,470
Actuaries $110,090
Aerospace Engineers $107,700
Air Traffic Controllers $110,780
Animal Control Workers $34,370
Animal Trainers $32,400
Anthrpologists and Archeologists $61,980
Architects $78,640
Art Directors $97,850
Athletic Trainers $45,730
Audiologists $76,790
Automotive Technicians and Repairers $40,540
Bailiffs $42,360
Barbers $28,430
Bartenders $22,620
Biochemists and Biophysiscists $91,960
Biomedical Engineers $91,760
Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks $38,070
Broadcast News Analyst $84,380
Broadcast Technicians $42,310
Bus Drivers $32,190
Camera Operators (Film, TV, Video) $56,510
Carpenters $45,590
Chefs and Head Cooks $45,880
Chemical Engineers $103,590
Chemists $79,140
Childcare Workers $21,710
Chiropractors $79,760
Choreographers $51,390
Civil Engineers $87,130
Clergy $47,730
Clinical, Counseling & School Psychologists $74,030
Coaches and Scouts $39,150
Commercial Pilots $82,430
Community Health Workers $38,180
Computer Support Specialists $54,960
Conservation Scientists $64,420
Constructio and Building Inspectors $58,430
Correctional Officers and Jailers $44,910
Court Reporters $55,000
Crane and Tower Operators $53,550
Crossing Guards $27,040
Curators $56,690
Database Adminstrators $82,280
Dental Hygienists $71,970
Dentists $166,810
Dieticians and Nutritionists $57,440
Economists $105,290
Editors $64,140
Electrical Engineers $95,780
Electricians $54,520
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics $35,110
Executive Administrative Assistants $53,590
Fashion Designers $73,690
Fast Food Cooks $19,030
Film and Video Editors $75,090
Financial Analysts $92,250
Fine Artists (Painters, Sculptors & Illustrators) $51,120
Fire Inspectors $57,010
Firefighters $48,750
Fish and Game Wardens $53,260
Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors $39,410
Flight Attendants $46,300
Floral Designers $26,520
Food Preparations Workers $21,340
Graphic Designers $50,670
Hairdressers, Hairstylists and Cosmetologists $27,940
Historians $61,180
Home Health Aides $22,400
Human Resource Specialists $62,590
Interior Designers $54,850
Interpreters and Translators $49,320
Janitors $25,460
Lawyers $133,470
Librarians $58,110
Locomotive Engineers $57,000
Makeup Artists $60,830
Manicurists and Pedicurists $22,500
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists $68,700
Marriage and Family Therapists $51,730
Massage Therapists $41,790
Mechanical Drafters $55,260
Mechanical Engineers $87,140
Meeting, Convention and Event Planners $59,910
Microbiologists $76,530
Morticians, Undertakers and Funeral Directors $52,130
Multimedia Artists and Animators $69,410
Music Directors and Composers $55,230
Nuclear Power Reactor Operators $82,270
Occupational Therapists $80,000
Optometrists $113,010
Orderlies $26,670
Orthodontists $201,030
Paralegals and Legal Assistants $51,840
Parking Enforcement Workers $37,750
Personal Finance Advisors $108,090
Pest Control Workers $32,850
Petroleum Engineers $147,520
Pharmacists $118,470
Pharmacy Technicians $31,090
Phlebotomists $31,890
Photographers $38,350
Physical Therapists $83,940
Physician Assistants $97,280
Physicians and Surgeons $194,990
Police Officers $59,530
Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers $39,140
Postal Service Clerks $49,040
Power Plant Operators $69,220
Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers $38,680
Primary and Secondary School Teachers $55,510
Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists $53,360
Real Estate Brokers $80,420
Registered Nurses $69,790
Reporters and Correspondents $45,800
Retail Salespersons $25,760
Security Guards $28,040
Ship and Boat Captains and Operators $74,730
Social Workers $49,150
Software Developers and Programmers $95,280
Speech-Language Pathologists $74,900
Structural Iron and Steel Workers $53,140
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorders Counselors $41,870
Technical Writers $71,950
Travel Agents $37,730
Tree Trimmers and Pruners $35,150
Umpires, Referees and Other Sports Officials $33,400
Urban Planners $69,010
Veterinarians $98,230
Waiters and Waitresses $21,640
Web Developers $68,670
As we stated above, your earning potential shouldn’t be the sole factor driving your career choice/decision.  However, we also can’t discount the importance of a salary.  As you narrow down your options, it’s critical to educate yourself about the possible income you’ll earn from the jobs you’re contemplating.


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