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The goal of a Business Administration program is to provide students with knowledge in all areas of business. This gives students the opportunity to see how the pieces of an organization tie together and how they contribute to, or prevent, the success of the business. These divisions can include accounting, marketing, legal, finance, and management. Broad based knowledge can assist in seeing the ‘big picture’ of the company, how things are connected, and how the expertise of each area can be used to maximize the potential for success. For example: the development of a new website would include staff from finance and accounting to establish the budget; legal to register trademarks; marketing for the conceptual design; and information technology to build the website. The Business Administration major can relate to each department and serve as the project manager for the new website.


Business Administration majors typically have the most diverse course structure of all business majors. The core business classes required will focus on accounting, management, marketing, finance, business law, economics, information systems, and ethics. These business courses are typically taken during the junior and senior years and make up roughly one third of the course work. Some Business Administration majors may even fulfill the educational requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Colleges and universities offering a major in Business Administration typically provide an opportunity to choose a focus area. Focus areas expand on one dedicated subject that all Business Administration majors must take. Some focus areas may include accounting, finance, marketing, international business, human resources, entrepreneurship, and management. The coursework required to have a focus in one area usually consists of four to six courses in one discipline or a combination of two or three. For example; a focus in finance may also include a course in accounting outside of the core business courses and vice versa.


A degree in Business Administration may be the most versatile degree in the business school. There are many directions one can go with this degree and the opportunity for a focus expands those directions even further. Not only are there unlimited industries available, there are also many different positions within companies. A Business Administration major could be a portfolio manager at a bank, a buyer for a large department store chain, or even on the sales staff of a software company. Moving up the corporate ladder is always present since Business Administration majors can see the big picture of an organization and understand the parts within. A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can be a great stepping stone to pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration (M.B.A), expanding upon the undergraduate knowledge base.



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